How to Thrive as a Young Digital Creative

How to Thrive as a Young Digital Creative

The world is changing all the time and with it comes an opportunity for a new and expanding group of people: digital creatives.

A digital creative could be a content creator, a graphic designer or a web developer. They are the people behind the websites you read, the apps you use and the games you play. Often, many are freelance and are what is known as a digital nomad, operating wherever they can plug in their laptop and grab a Wi-Fi connection. It is a liberating career
that opens the world to you one city at a time.

The next generation of digital talent could be the most important, as technology evolves and adapts to a changing
world. Content delivery is changing, the way we digest news, features and information is demanding increasing numbers of digital creatives to deliver effective strategies and solutions within the sector. The industry needs talent, more of it, and that means opportunity for you as a freelance creative. If you think this could be the life for you, then we have some startup tips for any wannabe digital creative out there.

Read and Write

If you are a content creator, the quality of your output depends on two things: accuracy and knowledge. Make sure you understand the field in which you have chosen to work, and that you take in information on the subject every single day. If you are creating articles around the finance industry, for instance, keep abreast of all the latest news and developments and understand how to express it every day. The mark of a good writer is incessant writing, as
well as reading. By looking at the work of others, you will learn better ways to express your thoughts, and by writing
yourself every day, you will improve your craft. Even if you do not have paid employment at any one time, try to update a blog every day to ensure you keep your body of work constant.

Plan for the future

Planning for your financial future is a big part of being a young creative, especially as the industry is subject to
outside influences. It is worth considering putting money into a portfolio of some kind which will give you a
contingency against challenging times further down the line. You can invest as little as you feel you can as part of your strategy, increasing the amount when means allow. Simply by starting the investment portfolio, you are helping
to set yourself up in the future, especially if the industry were to take an additional hit. A classic example of this is the
recent pandemic, where creatives working in the SEO industry saw some clients slashing budgets and thus work being harder to come by. With a sensible, short-term investment plan, you can combat that eventuality and if the investment is not needed, put it back into something else at the end of the term.


Networking was once the bastion of the suited businessman at a conference in a faceless hotel somewhere, but in
the digital age, it is just as important even if it manifests in a different manner. Successful creators understand that
their development is not just about producing great content, but by connecting with people within the industry. That is
not necessarily looking for an open door to a job or project either, but instead understanding the industry and the
people in it, learning from their actions and their output and using it to become better for yourself. The best way to do
this is social media, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook should connect you to people in your field, whether graphic
design, content creation or development.

Equip yourself

Finally, before you set out on your journey, make sure you have the tools to perform your task. It seems obvious, but
you simply cannot be a digital creative without items such as a laptop, software and connectivity. Understand the
demands that will be placed upon you, the resources you will need and make sure you are physically equipped for
the job. This may incur a small outlay in the first instance, so do plan wisely.

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