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Congratulations to the Creative Process Digital Apprentices Starting New Jobs with Employers Across Greater Brighton.

Despite being almost a year into the pandemic it’s fantastic to see so many local employers hiring new digital apprentice talent. Confidence is returning and with most of us having experienced more digital transformation in the last year than we have in the last five years the demand for digital skills is booming.


This February we are welcoming a new group of 25 digital apprentices as they start new jobs with a wide range of employers who are committed to supporting young people and embedding digital apprenticeships and skills as a part of their growth strategy. More than ever employers understand that digital skills and capabilities are critical for effective working in the 21st century and for staying ahead of the game.

Thank you to all our employer partners for their continued support as we all work towards a better future, raising the digital skills bar across our area and building a more robust economy. We believe that in partnership with employers our area can become a world-class, creative, digital and tech economy that works for everyone, and that everyone can have the digital skills they need to reach their full potential in society.

‘BT Sport and the wider industry needs young creative and tech talent so we stay relevant, evolve with, and as a part of, our audience. Local, digital savvy young people and employers have an important role to play in ensuring that we are developing connected and inclusive communities and enabling local people to be a part of the success story” Jamie Hindaugh, COO, BT sport

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