5 Step Plan To Getting Hired!

1) Update and refresh your CV
You only get one chance to make a first impression. Be unique, be interesting, be passionate.
Follow our top tips to set yourself apart.

2) Send us your CV and Portfolio
We will share your CV with our employers and if your details really stand out we’ll add you
to our shiny new online talent page. 
Send your CV here.

3) Register for our recruitment session webinar
Find out about the digital sector, job opportunities, apprenticeship training –
and tell us more about you and your aspirations. Register here!

4) Invest in yourself!
It’s never been easier to be pro-active. Continue building your skills and bulk up your CV:
 Here are some of our recommended online resources!

5) Practice your interview techniques
A good CV and an engaging interview is 80% of getting hired:
Here are our top interview techniques

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