Tech Trends That Will Push a Company Forward

Tech Trends That Will Push a Company Forward

Technology has changed the way business is done today. From communication to information security, it has helped many companies get to where they are. Creative Process claims that in order to stay competitive, change needs to happen. Companies who don’t keep up with the latest tech trends will eventually lose out to their competition. Last year, 26% of UK businesses admitted to being slow in adopting technological innovations. Companies have to be able to assess which tools they need to improve operations in order to move forward.

This article will look at the latest tech trends a company can employ to improve their operations. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI solutions can significantly improve a business’s productivity. In particular, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is becoming more widely used in the UK. RPA is a process that uses software robots to automate mundane and repetitive tasks. Using visual and cognitive intelligence, RPA draws information from multiple sources and interprets it to improve business intelligence. It’s faster, more effective and overall a great investment for future endeavours. By taking on mundane tasks, AI will allow employees to focus on vital areas, which will increase productivity.

Freelance Tech Experts

Over the last decade there has been a growing global trend in self-employment. Across the EU alone, there are 33 million people who are now self-employed; and as of 2018, 15% of UK employees are also going freelance. This trend is also prominent in the US, where the number of self-employed workers has risen up to 56.7 million. The reason for this is that as technology evolves the number of employees within companies who are up-to-date with the latest innovations shrink. Yoss claims that companies are now looking to hire the very best tech freelancers as many are extremely knowledgeable in their chosen fields. Since tech freelancers can take up multiple projects during the year, they’re more likely to develop a wider range of expertise. Rather than training new hires, professional freelancers are a more cost-effective way to keep up with digital transformations. 

Big Data

Big data is often used to understand consumers – their behaviours and preferences. Social media data, browser logs, and text analytics give them a better picture of how to approach the market. Businesses also make use of this data to predict sales and optimise their stocks. Big data can also be used by HR departments to find the very best talent to hire. TechRadar recommend that HR departments rethink their approach to analytics in order to discover more meaningful insights when it comes to hiring. The site notes that big data will help the company find more employees that are compatible with their set of preferences. 

While the global market is driven by technology it is also true of the reverse. Many technological innovations have been created to keep up with our fast moving global economy. Companies that want to move forward and remain competitive need to stay ahead of the latest tech trends and incorporate them accordingly. 

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