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For our employer briefing event on Digital Marketing apprenticeships we were joined by Steve Evans the CEO of Natives, one of Brighton’s biggest digital agencies, and his inspirational apprentice Toby Green who shared their journey and thoughts on the digital skills programme.

Digital apprenticeships are unique experiences for both the employer and the apprentice. They allow organisations to bring digital talent into their company and enable young people to have the opportunity to do something they are passionate about, whilst kick starting their career.


Kicking off the event was Jack Hiett CEO of Creative Process

Creative Process are specialists in Digital Apprenticeships since launching the Government programme at
Apple’s UK HQ, they offer:

  1. A pool of fresh work-ready talent
    Provide a large talent pool of individuals who they have personally met and assessed

  2. Support in finding suitable candidates
    A rolling ‘Digital Accelerator’ immersive 3 week course for new digital talent

  3. Confidence that your apprentice will gain real skills from specialist trainers
    High quality training from industry trainers – 100% success rate for those who complete

  4. A quick return on your investment
    Free recruitment and onboarding service – high level customer service

Next up was Steve Evans CEO of Natives

who shared with us the reasons he decided to take on an apprentice:

“Hiring apprentices allows us to employ young people with a digital mindset that is close to our target audience – their training enables innovative approaches to getting the job done and allows us to have a formalised and accredited professional development programme for our staff”

Natives have already hired two digital apprentices and are now keen to hire more. He believes “it is great to be able to give individuals the opportunity to develop and grow within a real working environment and become an integral part of the team”

On working with Creative Process Steve has found the overall experience extremely rewarding and feels “we work well together as we share the same passion to bring in and develop new talent”.

He finished up with some advice to any employer thinking about hiring an apprentice. “I would definitely do so! Apprentices bring an entirely new dynamic to the team. We’ve had such success with our current apprentices! That’s why we’re looking to hire more Creative Process apprentices in the future”

Here is a summary of tips discussed:

  1. Finding the right apprentice for you 
    When you’ve chosen to hire a digital apprentice you need to consider who the right person for you  is and the potential benefits they can bring to your company.

  2. Monitoring 
    It’s important as an employer to support your new hire and keep in regular contact with them.

  3. Asking the right questions during the interview
    Take time to plan out questions that will really bring out the best from your candidate. Consider what you really need to know. You want to establish if the candidate is the right fit for your organisation. 

  4. Don’t just recruit based on their CV
    Focus on finding and developing young people who are enthusiastic with a drive to learn, an ability to take feedback and a propensity to take action.

A warm thank you to the local businesses that came along and a special thanks to our speakers. Its amazing having your support to help us create and provide digital skills and job opportunities for young people. 

If you are interested in growing your digital talent in an affordable way that will bring in results to your business, then get in touch.

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