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Tamuka Walker

Tamuka decided to act on his passion by carrying out a Digital Media Apprenticeship with ITN.


Empowering the Next Generation of Digital Talent

Tamuka finished 6th form and was unsure whether to apply to university or go to college to learn more about filming and editing or look to go straight into work. After doing more research he found out about digital media apprenticeships and applied for the ITN vacancy. He also took part in some intensive pre-employability support around editing and filming at Big Creative Education. When he was offered an interview at ITN he was brilliantly prepared having already put in the work to be able to talk about his previous roles and experience with a camera and his aspirations for the future. Needlesss to say he got the job!


Learning tips and techniques from some of the best

Tamuka’s role at ITN is as a camera assistant. His job includes helping the main camera man carry equipment to different jobs and interviews in Westminster and learning how to set up the lighting, sound and camera whilst considering all the different aspects of filming interviews. In a very short space of time he has already helped to set up interviews for Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Martain Schultz. His job is enjoyable because he gets to work with people who have many years of experience in cameras learning tips and techniques from some of the best.  He is getting to know some of the many areas of ITN including the news room, the graphics team, journalists, producers, managing editors, editors, engineers, weather presenters and many others in different roles, giving him a great understanding of the news in general.

Tamuka’s favourite thing about his job so far has been seeing interviews that he set up reach the ITV 6 o’clock news. He has already learnt so much from the job and being exposed to so many talented camera people has broadened his knowledge of the different ways to use a camera in both a technical and visual sense.


Tamuka’s advice to someone considering taking on an apprenticeship

Tamuka says ‘if I had any advice for anyone in my position or trying to get into my position it would be that you make your own luck. The main reason that I am where I am now is simply because I made the effort to get myself into the right positions to get lucky. Do as much as you can to better yourself or to add experience however insignificant something might feel because you never know how it might help you in the future. Also, remember that there is a lot of competition out there which is just the nature of the business so you should always be questioning what makes you stand out in the crowd.”

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