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Seed Publicity

We caught up with Managing Director Nick from Seed Publicity.

He shared with us his thoughts on hiring two digital marketing apprentices.. 

Tell us a bit about your business?

Seed is a Brighton-based search & social marketing agency that grows brands that have a meaningful impact on the world with smarter, data-driven digital marketing. 

How did you hear about Creative Process/digital apprenticeships?

Philip reached out to us and explained the benefits and offering that hiring an apprentice would offer our business, especially as a leading digital marketing agency in Brighton. We quickly decided that this was an opportunity that was worth exploring as it gave us access to young, motivated people that wanted to enter into a career in digital marketing. 

Why did you decide an apprentice would be right for your business?

Our philosophy is to hire young so that people are motivated and hungry to succeed. The apprenticeship model worked well for us because we were able to hire people who are highly motivated to learn and develop their careers in digital marketing. Also, because digital moves so quickly, we find that graduates at University level often haven’t kept up to date with industry changes. Therefore, there is no better way to learn than by working within the industry

What advice would you give to other businesses considering hiring an apprentice?

I fully advocate the apprenticeship programme, and my advice for other business owners is to give it a shot. The positives far outweigh the challenges as you get to experience the rewards of training someone in work, and watch them grow from having very limited knowledge into a seriously valued member of your team. 

Would you hire another apprentice? 

Yes I would, and we will continue to do so through Creative Process. 

What’s surprised you most about having an apprentice?

The biggest surprise is how well James and Louie have settled into working life after leaving full time education. They’re both hugely motivated to become valued members of our team, and we’re chuffed to have them.

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