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Robbie Lees

Robbie has just completed his Digital Marketing apprenticeship 

with the University of Brighton and is now a qualified digital marketer. We caught up with him to find out how he found his experience… 

Why did you decide to apply for an apprenticeship?

   I decided to apply for an apprenticeship as I felt it offered me a route into the digital sector.  It has allowed me to gain work place experience, whilst being trained in digital marketing at Creative Process Digital. The fact that I would be working was a huge bonus. I’ve always learnt better by doing practical tasks, so being able to go straight into work where I could apply what I learnt was extremely beneficial for me.

Tell me about your job role and what you loved the most?

 I am the Marketing and Communications assistant for apprenticeships at the University of Brighton. One thing I really love about my job is the fact that I was an apprentice working on promoting apprenticeships at the university. This was really helpful as I knew what it was like to be an apprentice, giving me insight into what the possible candidates for our programmes are looking for as I was in their position just over a year ago.

What advice would you give to someone considering taking on an apprenticeship?

I would advise anyone embarking on an apprenticeship to keep track of all the things they do in the workplace so that they can easily evidence it in their portfolio. Such as keeping a log of daily tasks and digital tools you use. This will make your portfolio work so much easier, don’t leave it all to the last minute!

What did you gain from doing an apprenticeship?

Whilst on the apprenticeship I have gained invaluable experience, knowledge and skills that have set a really good base for my future career. I already have over a year’s experience in a marketing environment.

What opportunities did doing an apprenticeship give you? 

 Doing this apprenticeship has given me loads of great opportunities. I have welcomed members of parliament to the university, I was able to job shadow the vice-chancellor and I took some of our students to the Brighton and Hove Albion training ground! 
As a season ticket holder at Brighton myself this was a personal favourite of mine.

If you had to use one sentence to describe your apprenticeship what would it be? 

 If I had to describe the apprenticeship in one sentence, it would be: an amazing experience that has really helped me find my ideal career path.

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