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We caught up with Steve Evans CEO of Natives,
one of Brighton’s biggest digital agencies

Tell us a bit about your business?

Natives are a Student Specialist Marketing Group based in the UK and the US

Why did you decide an apprentice would be right for your business?

Hiring apprentices allows us to employ young people with a digital mindset that is closest to our target audience – their training enables innovative approaches to getting the job done and allows us to have a formalised and accredited professional development programme for our staff.

Would you hire another apprentice?

100%. We have already hired two apprentices and we’re really keen as a business to hire more.
It is great to be able to give individuals the opportunity to develop and grow within a real working environment
and become an integral part of the team.

How has your experience been with Creative Process?

Our experience with Creative Process has been so rewarding. We are incredibly happy to have them as our apprenticeship provider. We work well together as they have the same passion as us to bring in and develop new talent.

What’s surprised you most about having an apprentice?

To any employer thinking about hiring an apprentice, I would definitely do so! Apprentices bring an entirely new dynamic to the team and in my experience, are incredibly supportive of other people. We’ve had such success with our current apprentices! That’s why we’re looking to hire more Creative Process apprentices in the future.

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