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Lucrece Grehoua

Ambitious Digital Media apprentice Lucrece invested in herself, taking the necessary steps to achieve her career goals through an apprenticeship with ITN


Empowering the Next Generation of Digital Talent

Lucrece left several college courses after having realised that she ‘wanted to learn through life, not learn for the sake of going to university’. Politics, sociology, psychology, philosophy and journalism are her passions and she describes herself as a creative who wants hands on experience. ‘I wanted to create. I wanted to be in an environment where I’m constantly learning about the world and challenging it hands on. I dropped out of college, began blogging on Youtube and other social media. I searched relentlessly for my opportunity.’


 ‘This was my time to shine’ 

When Lucrece saw the ITN Apprenticeship she was excited because the job description was everything she had dreamt of doing in her career. She applied and took part in a group interview and presentation and to her surprise she made it to the final stage of the process. 33 out of 800 applicants were chosen to go for the final interviews at the ITN HQ. ‘This was my time to shine’ she says. When she was given the offer of an ITN apprenticeship she was ecstatic.  ‘Something will always come in when you work hard for it. I’m so grateful for Creative Process who had seen something in me, and for their platform which gives opportunities and real spaces for young creatives.’

As part of her ITN apprenticeship Lucrece will be experiencing work across a wide range of different departments from editing programmes, newsroom, logistics, camera, research and ideas for new programmes. She will then choose her discipline whether it be Technical or Journalism in the final 6 months. ‘I have seen the overview of the 12 months and it looks like it is going to be a roller coaster, everyday something new and exciting’.


‘It is going to be a roller coaster, everyday something new and exciting’

In five year’s time Lucrece hopes to be creating ground breaking documentaries and helping to expand ITN’s online base for young people. She would also like to play a part in fighting for the rights of different people in communities such as the gay community, black community and for women and girls rights in less progressive countries. She is looking forwards to delving deeper into the world of politics and also hopes to explore how to mesh fashion and activism through media. 


What advice would you give people wanting to do what you do?

‘I would say it’s important to learn – drop out of anything that is not growing you. Do not do basic, go big. Research online what you can do to get the dream career you want. Get networking, start creating. Keep applying and do not get discouraged when you see no’s. Keep on going until you get that yes. I was not about to give up, it was only a matter of time until the right people said yes’

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