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Lauren Robinson

Lauren is a Digital Marketing apprentice at Graphite Digital

She shared with us her experience so far… 

Why did you decide to apply for an apprenticeship?

I have always been a very practical learner so believed that being able to learn on the job through an apprenticeship scheme would be a perfect fit for me. I also was never really interested in university, I just wanted to get my career started!

What advice would you give to someone considering taking on an apprenticeship?

Do it! Gaining qualifications, as well as working, is the way forward in my opinion. If you decide to become an apprentice,
just throw yourself into anything you can! Whether that’s volunteering to help out with extra tasks or areas of work that don’t
necessarily fall into your job role, attending events or self-study online. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and show your
employer how dedicated you are.

What did you gain from doing an apprenticeship?

Confidence, so much knowledge, life experience and the confirmation that I want to continue onto a full-time marketing career.

Tell me about your job role and what you loved the most?

My job role has been extremely varied and has given me exposure to all areas of the agency to really help me decide which I enjoy and excel in the most. I have loved being so trusted and respected by my team, enjoyed creating marketing content such as blog posts and seeing myself grow as a person as well as professionally.

What opportunities did doing an apprenticeship give you? 

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Taking over Graphite’s #FutureTalent initiative and getting the opportunity to inspire and advise students who were in a similar position to myself a few years ago. Gaining invaluable knowledge and experience that will set the foundations for my career.

If you had to use one sentence to describe your apprenticeship what would it be? 

I’m so happy I did it!

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