Case Study |

Jack Nugent

Jack is Course Coordinator at the

University of Sussex and has recently enrolled into our 

Digital Marketing programme, we asked him a few questions

about his apprenticeship experience so far…

What sparked your interest in our Digital Marketing Programme?

I was offered to enrol by my head of department as part of my career development.

Do you feel the digital skills and knowledge you have developed has aided you in your job?

There is definitely some cross over, but I dont work in Marketing so its hard to apply a lot of the skills and knowledge.

 What have you have learnt so far on the programme?

I have learnt many things through the programme already, 
from business strategy to KPI’s to plugins and tools you can use on your daily job.

Do you find balancing an apprenticeship with a full time job manageable? 


How have you found your experience with Creative Process overall? 

It has been very enjoyable so far and I am making good progress.

What advice would you give to other staff considering enrolling on our digital marketing programme?

Dont feel daunted, take what is applicable to you, stay on top of things and most of all enjoy it.

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