How Can We Support The Next Generation?

The Challenge

The Social Mobility Commission’s recent report reveals that the apprenticeship system has the potential to improve the UK’s social mobility – but only if it provides better support and access to young talent from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Results

Creative Process is passionate about building a more diverse workforce of future leaders and we work hard to ensure that every individual going through a Creative Process Apprenticeship has access to an equal level of opportunity. We believe that more diverse workforces create better business and better communities.

Together with employers across Brighton and Sussex we are raising the digital skills bar, helping to enhance careers and build a more robust economy. We believe that in partnership with employers our area can become a world-class, creative, digital and tech economy that works for everyone, and that everyone can have the digital skills they need to reach their full potential in society.

True diversity can only flourish if the playing field is levelled, and that means taking time to nurture and support applicants and employees before and during employment.

A skills led, inclusive approach

Our approach is based on three core elements:

1. Enabling everyone to increase their digital literacy to make the most of the digital world.

2. Offering the essential digital skills that employers demand and supporting people to professionally develop and up-skill throughout their working lives.

3. Stronger collaboration between public, private and community sectors to address our digital skills gap and to do so in a coordinated way, so that key stakeholders are working to shared objectives.

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