Creating Digital Apprentices for An Online Presence

The Challenge

It’s easy to get caught up not only in sales, but customer service, logistics, production, finance and staffing. And as more and more businesses move online, there’s the need to also be a savvy digital marketer.

Digital marketing continues to become the foremost source of trade for businesses. This means that having the right staff with the right digital skills is more critical than ever, especially if you are not in a financial position to engage a digital agency to help you.

The Results

A Digital Apprentice can:

• Help you create brand identity and awareness
• Promote your products
• Monitor data, market analytics and ROI
• Create customer engagement
• Manage social media platforms
• Increase traffic to web-based platforms through SEO
• Create content for your social media platforms, blogs and web pages

Creative Process can help you create your own in-house digital strategists. We can assist you in either recruiting an apprentice into your business or help you access apprenticeship funding to up-skill an existing member of staff.

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