Extended bonus scheme for businesses who hire digital apprentices

Creative Process Digital Apprenticeships will be given a huge boost after the Chancellor announced a “brand new bonus” for employers to hire apprentices. The Government will ‘pay businesses to hire young apprentices’ offering up to £3,000 for each apprentice with the aim to help protect, support and create jobs.

Young people will be among those hit hardest by the economic impact of the pandemic, so it’s encouraging to know there is a plan in place that will give businesses the confidence to hire new digital savvy talent to help develop their digital capabilities.

Key Points for Employers

  • The Scheme will begin in August 2020 running up until March 2021
  • Accessible to any company that hires an apprentice
  • Payment of £3000 to employers for each new apprentice under the age of 18
  • Payment of £2,000 for each apprentice they hire under 25, and a £1,500
  • Payment for each new apprentice they hire 25 and over
  • In addition to the grant access up to £12k worth of digital skills funding per apprentice  

The announcement is a clear endorsement of the value of apprentices for everyone in society and as Chancellor Rishi Sunak said in his statement: ‘We know apprenticeships work, – 91% of apprentices stay in work or do further training afterwards.’ Hence apprenticeships will play a crucial role in supporting long-term employment outcomes.

We encourage any business considering taking on a young apprentice to make the most of this opportunity while it lasts!

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“Local, digital savvy young people and employers have an important role to play in ensuring that we are developing connected and inclusive communities and enabling local people to be a part of the success story, BT Sport is supporting this by employing Digital Apprentices and bringing new talent into our business.” – BT Sport

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